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My Story

My name is Kelly and I am from Derbyshire. I am an art teacher and have taught Art and Design for almost 19 years. Art is my passion, art is my happy place. I’ve loved it since I was a young girl. I am also a trained nail tech and have loved doing my own nails for years.

 Over the last six months, I have been focusing on creating step-by-step nail pictorials and sharing these on Instagram. The aim of my pictorials is to break down images on how to create art on nails and to share that with others.

The pictorials generated a lot of interest and questions based around my steps and how to achieve them. This got me thinking and I found myself asking the question ‘How can I help other budding nail technicians with their nail art, whether they be beginners or experienced?’

This then prompted me to make the decision to launch ‘How-to videos’ in addition to my pictorials. The aim of the videos is to educate others on different tools and techniques and to share my wealth of experience as an artist. 

After doing my own research, I found that some nail techs would shy away from detailed nail art as they believe they don’t have the skills. From my artistic educational background I know that with the right tools and techniques, and knowing where to start, that art can be achievable. And this is where the idea for ‘As Pretty As’ started.

Each one of my videos breaks down the pictorials into simple, achievable chunks, allowing others to work at their own level and pace and consequently allowing the time to understand the techniques which help to develop a design.

I firmly believe in the old saying ‘Practice makes perfect’ And my videos and pictorials will definitely help with this along the way.